Distinction Student Simonne reveals “The Secret” on her ITEC Reflexology Revision Success

Simonne Jones developed an interest for complementary therapies when she, herself was ill, and  found that reflexology was so beneficial to her.

Once she had decided to enrol on the ITEC Reflexoloy Course with Teresa Rich from ReflexologyUK.org, it was all system go!

Along with many other students we started her on the ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Studies.

The course was broken down into manageable chunks, and systems put into place for her revision.

What made Simonne a distinction student you may ask?

Well look below, or listen to the audio recording of how she applied learning these amazing subjects into her busy schedule…..


Simonne’s revision techniques:

  • Posters (particularly for more visual learners) – placing diagrams around your house in relevant areas
  • Voice Recordings – by putting recordings of the lectures onto CDs or your iPod so you can revise on the move
  • Small tests – ask family members to provide you with questions from the books
  • Past Papers – these are essential in discovering what areas you are predominantly tested on as well as giving you challenging questions

Simonne Jones


The Skills taught by Teresa Rich included:

  • Risk assessment
  • Health and Safety
  • Business Law

REFLEXOLOGY was the final module!

She was given 10 case studies to treat 4 times each. This allowed Simonne to make connections and build trust with future fee-paying clients. She still treats some of them today!
Being meticulous with her paper rwork prepared her to organize her case studies in detail.  This prepared her for a real life experience in the treatment she now does!
She also learned how Reflexology can be used effectively for medicinal purposes and how it can change people’s lifestyle. These include:

  • Good Health
  • Better Diet
  • Low Stress Levels

Simonnes Story in setting up a reflexology business.

After she received her distinction in Anatomy and Physiology, Business Studies and Reflexology.  Simonne decided to start up her own business.

Teresa left her well prepared in terms of marketing and her Business Study skills really came into place.

Tips for attracting clients include:

  • Talking to people through attending events, explaining the benefits of Reflexology treatment – your passion for the therapy will make an impression.
  • The most effective marketing technique is through word of mouth, potential clients are likely to take recommendations from their friends.

Continual Professional Courses Gained

As well as the Reflexology Course, Simonne also discovered:
Indian Head Massage
Ear Candling
Thai Foot Massage
Simonne also attended the following courses with Teresa Rich from ReflexologyUK.org:
Advanced Foot Reflexology
Hand Reflexology
Hot Stones Reflexology
Infertility and Maternity Reflexology – this course Simmone found particularly beneficial as it gave her the confidence and ability to treat expecting couples
Facial Reflexology
Light Touch Baby and Toddler Reflexology


Contact Simonne about any treatment offers that may suit you.

Inspired to try a treatment!
Mobile: 07703 165 903
Bournemouth, UK

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